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About us

DC Athletics is a privately owned outdoor pole vaulting facility built to accommodate a variety of jumpers from beginners to elite. 

The outdoor facility is equipped with high school standard mats, 120' of runway, pulley system, hurdles for mobility, and an array of gymnastic-type equipment for drills.   

Meet The Coach: Derek Cullison

With a deep passion for the sport, expertise of body movement and 10 years of vaulting of his own, Derek Cullison created DC Athletics to support young athletes from all background. After graduating from Danville High School, Derek furthered his track & field career as a Boilermaker pole vaulter at Purdue University while gaining practical knowledge pursuing a degree in Health & Kinesiology. After earning a Bachelor in Science, he decided to further his career in strength and conditioning with a focus on track and field by starting a program dedicated to helping younger athletes.

Derek now coaches for Carmel High School, where he has helped lead the boys team to three state titles including 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2017, Coach Cullison assisted stand-out athlete Ryan Lipe (now at Alabama) win back-to-back Indiana State Championships in the pole vault with heights of 17' as a junior and 17'3" as a senior. That same year, Carmel athletes Kara Deady (now at IU) and Mitch Lipe (now at Airforce Academy) placed 2nd and 4th respectively. For a period of time, Derek coached at Lawrence Central where he helped lead five individuals to state qualifications and helped develop one of the female vaulters into a National pole vault Champion in June of 2012, with head coach Tim Richey. 

Derek has run pole vault camps and clinics with coach Tim Richey since January 2008. Along with his passion for the pole vault, Derek is dedicated to the science of strength and conditioning. With a certification in Olympic Weight lifting, USAW level one coach, Derek furthers his education by attending clinics and networks with other coaches from the area in pole vault, speed and strength. Derek also currently serves as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Eastern Hancock Schools.


DC Athletics is based on a functional design to teach athletes how to control their bodies and move through correct patterns related to their sport. By focusing on running mechanics over cones, hurdles and with resistance, this process helps vaulters develop proper speed and power to become the best they can be.

Tradition of Excellence

Division I Athletes:

Kara Deady: Carmel HS PR 12'6" Indiana University

Ryan Lipe: Carmel HS PR 17'3              Alabama University

Mitch Lipe: Carmel HS PR 15'9"           Air Force Academy

Kayla Smith: Law. Cen. HS PR 13’ Georgia University

Dallas Miller: Clinton P. HS PR 15'3"     Indiana State U.

Conner McGovern: DCHS PR 14'3"         Indiana State U.

Abby Clark: Clinton P. HS PR 11'6"         Purdue University

Whitney Truilo: Penn HS PR 10'               Purdue University

Leah Frishman: Law. Cen. HS PR 12'7"   Dayton University

Division II - NAIA Athletes:

Kyle Mackey: DCHS PR 13'6"             Depauw University

Tyler Kinman: Plainfield HS PR 14'6"       University of Indiana

Savanna Brock: Greenfield HS PR 10'        Marian University

Indiana State Medals:

Ryan Lipe: Carmel HS

  • State Champ 2017 17'3 (senior year)

  • State Champ 2016 17' (junior year)

  • 3rd Place medal in 2015 15'9" (sophomore year)

Mitch Lipe: Carmel HS

  • 4th Place medal in 2017 15'9 (senior year)

  • 8th Place medal in 2016 15'6 (junior year)

Kara Deady: Carmel HS  PR 12'6"

  • 2nd place medal in 2017 11'9" (junior year)

  • 4th place medal in 2018 11'9" (senior year)

Maria Siciliano: West Lafayette HS PR 11'9" (sophomore year)

  • 4th place medal in 2017

  • 5th place medal in 2016

 Kyla Smith: Lawrence Central HS PR 13'

  • State Champ 2014, assistance by Tim Richey

  • 7th place medal Tie in 2013

Leah Frishman: Lawrence Central HS PR 12'7

  • 7th place medal in 2013